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Roller Blinds

These well-liked roller blinds are distinguished by their simple, clean design and ease of operation. They can be either motorised or manually operated. Choose from a variety of fabrics to determine how much light comes in and whether your blinds enable you to see outside. We employ the Acmeda System for manual operation, which is one of the smoothest on the market. It is a high-quality and long-lasting control system that allows you to easily raise and lower your roller blinds. The system will improve the blind for the duration of the product's life.

Yes, roller blinds are simply amazing and are just the perfect addition to your homes in Australia. But which roller blind would you pick for your interiors? At Star Blinds, we have double roller blinds, blockout roller blinds and many other options. These window treatments are designed and built to perfection here at our factory. Customers should always have the best options in front of them. And that’s what you will see when you visit our curtains and blinds store in Greater Sydney! We put our customer’s satisfaction above everything else and strive our hardest to fulfil their needs.

  • ​Try our spring assist or gear ratio chain control units for amazing extra smoothness. Great for larger blinds.

  • We offer a large choice of chain colours, including stainless-steel metal chains.

  • Décor bottom rails colours are black, cream, beige, white and silver anodized.

  • Easy link brackets are available, allowing control of up to three blinds with one chain control system.

  • For super-easy operation of your roller blinds, why not use motorisation?

  • Choose from three different styles of fabric for your roller blinds.

We Manufacture & Supply Different Types of Roller Blinds.

What are double roller blinds? It’s simple. Two blinds are placed onto one window. Each of these two blinds is controlled separately, allowing greater light flexibility into your home. Depending upon your mood or requirements, you can open or shut the blinds in this setup. Besides, both blinds are made of different fabrics, giving you privacy and light control like never before. Blockout blinds are excellent if you wish to keep out the sunlight coming into your home. It’s pretty useful in maintaining privacy at your place and is quite easy to use too. You can operate these blockout blinds with the help of a motor. 


Star Blinds can supply and install motorised double roller blinds at your home in Sydney, no matter which fabric or colour you prefer. As long as you come to us, your requirements will be fulfilled every time, that’s for sure. Over the years, our team has successfully installed curtains, double roller and blockout blinds in countless homes across Sydney. We hope to do the same for you here at Star Blinds! 

Double Roller Blinds Supplier Near You

Range of Options:

Not getting what you need at other curtain and blind stores around Sydney? Visit Star Blinds and explore all kinds of roller blinds and curtains for your home. We have double roller blinds, blockout roller blinds and many other related items for sale at great prices. Besides, you can also custom select the fabric and colour on these blinds at our shop. Customers should get the best options for their selection, and Star Blinds makes sure you get what you want! Take your time and choose the ideal double roller or blockout blinds for your home. If you want assistance in picking the right window treatments, let us know. 


Free Measure & Quote: 

Are you interested in buying our double roller blinds and blockout blinds? Just call us today and ask for a free quotation. Our team will visit your place and take a measurement of your windows. Once we have measured everything, our team will recommend the best roller blinds for your home. You can expect a quote for our products and services from us. And no, you don’t have to pay a single penny for this service. It’s a free, no-obligation quote from Star Blinds. Thus, you can compare our quote with other companies in the Sydney market and decide for yourself. We are confident that you will choose us as your next supplier of curtains and blinds! 


Quick Delivery & Easy Installation:

 It’s frustrating to see your order getting delayed, isn’t it? But you won’t experience any of that over here. Star Blinds is one of the leading suppliers of double roller blinds and blockout blinds in Sydney. Our shipping is fast, and you can expect quick delivery of your goods once the order is placed. Not only that, but our technicians will ensure that the installation is done quickly as well. We have a team of expert installers to give you a seamless experience every time you buy double roller blinds, blockout blinds, curtains etc at our shop. 


Give us a call right now, and our team will be happy to serve you! Or you can fill out the enquiry form at the Star Blinds website! 

Why Choose Star Blinds?

We provide a wide variety of blinds.

​Haven’t shopped at our Sydney store before? No problem! Star Blinds is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of window treatments in your community. We welcome you to visit us and see for yourself. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual buying roller blinds for your home or a retailer that’s looking to buy curtains in bulk. You can always turn to us for your window blinds and curtains. 


Star Blinds offer a stunning collection of blinds that come in many styles, prints and colours for you to choose from. Our extensive experience will allow us to provide advice on the different options available. This will guarantee that the choice complements your home décor. We will ensure that privacy is added to your home in a stylish and sophisticated way.

With the stunning collection of blinds, Star Blinds has extensive experience in assisting customers to select the style and designs they would like to complement their home. Our Roller Blinds will ensure your privacy and bring a little chic into your house 


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