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Interior Shutters

Plantation Shutters are an essential component of every home. Interior shutters are an essential component of modern house décor. Interior shutters offer your property a classic appearance. This classic feature is crafted from wood and modern polymer materials. We also provide a selection of interior shutters that will improve your home security by making break-ins through your windows more difficult.

Plantation Shutters For Your Windows -


Hire Star Blinds in Sydney!

Without our shutters, modern house décor is incomplete. Shutters have become an essential feature of modern design since light beams can pass through them, illuminating any place in your home. Shutters are a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice that provides natural cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

What else?

Looking for other options than traditional blinds and curtains for your home windows? You should go for plantation shutters as they are fitted right into your window frame and are easier to clean. These plantation shutters insulate your home during hot summers and chilly winters. Not only that, but these shutters enhance your interior appearance too. No wonder people across Sydney overwhelmingly go for these window dressings. You can have them installed in your bedroom, living room or any other place in your house. But where would you find the best shutters for your home? We know where you should go! 


Star Blinds is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of plantation shutters in the industry. Our enterprise can custom design and make shutters for your window and other openings. It doesn’t matter which material you choose or the finishing you prefer on your plantation shutters. We can customise your window treatments and have them installed at your place in no time. Our products are made of high quality, and we offer quick installation services to our clients. More importantly, we offer unbeatable pricing to our clients every time they enquire over the phone!

Window treatments are important to maintain your privacy, inhibit sunlight, etc. If you don’t have one installed at your windows, you will face a difficult time in your home. The Australian climate is pretty hot, humid and also windy for the most part of the year. Thus, it’s better to have plantation shutters installed on your windows before the weather gets too hot. Come to Star Blinds and get the best shutters for your home windows and openings. Plantation shutters are an excellent choice if privacy and natural light control are important to you. We can show you the best options in this category, and you can always go for custom designs as well. 


  • The shutters are sturdier than your standard blinds and curtains. 

  • You can easily clean them, and thus, you don’t have to pay a lot for their maintenance. 

  • The material quality doesn’t fade due to exposure to sunlight. 

  • These plantation shutters make your interiors look much better. 

  • You can easily open these shutters and close them whenever you want.

There’s every reason to install these plantation shutters in your home. Call Star Blinds and have us supply the best shutters in the Sydney market. We can always help you if you find it difficult to pick a shutter! 

Over the years, we have seen steady growth in the number of people doing business with us. Blinds, curtains, outdoor safety screens, you name it. Our store is the best place for all of this and many other products that come to your mind. We are the window covering and dressing specialists for a multitude of reasons. Here are some of them - 


  • A Wide Range of Options: Looking to buy and install plantation shutters at your windows? Come to us and pick your favourite design and colour from our huge range of options. We are the leading manufacturers of window dressings in Sydney, which allows us to put forward so many options on the table. You will be simply amazed at our collection, that’s for sure. We have all sorts of materials, colour options and finishing available for your window shutters. To put it shortly, you will find the best shutters in the market when you visit Star Blinds! 

  • Quick Delivery: Star Blinds ships their products quickly and makes sure your plantation shutters get delivered to you on time. We understand the pain of seeing your orders getting delayed. But worry not; you will never experience that pain when you do business with us. Not only do we supply the best shutters for your windows, but our delivery is unbeatable too. Besides, our expert installers will schedule a visit at your place for a hassle-free and seamless installation of plantation shutters. Just tell us when we can do the installation, and our team will schedule a visit to your Sydney home accordingly. Our installers are licensed and trained properly on how to install all kinds of window treatments! 

  • Free Quotes: Interested in what we have to offer here at Star Blinds? Contact us now and ask for a free quote. We will send in our best people to your home for a free-of-cost measurement of your windows. Shortly after, you will receive a quote from our staff for our services. 

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