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Plantation shutters for your home in Cronulla - Star Blinds

Get in touch for a free quote

Impressed with our range of plantation shutters? Please get in touch with our experts today for a free quote for your Cronulla property. Rest assured, our team will help you change the entire look and feel of the space, making the area more beautiful.

Ease of cleaning

Unlike the curtains or draperies, you don't have to wash and rehang the plantation shutters often. The cleaning and maintenance need little or no effort, not to mention the money you can save.

We use Premium quality materials.

Star Blinds always use top-quality materials to make plantation shutters. From pure wood to polymer materials, we use a huge variety of materials. So you just need to share your budget for your Cronulla home, and we can tell you the options of raw materials available within that budget.

Controlling light and Maintaining privacy

The thick blades of our shutters will offer you complete privacy from the prying eyes of the neighbours or the noise outside. 

Also, once you install these shutters at your home in Cronulla, you get to control the amount of sunlight that enters the rooms. The plantation shutters can be your protective shield that will save the flooring, carpet, and favourite furniture from fading.

Our plantation shutters are built to last long.

We use the most durable and robust materials to make the plantation shutters. Naturally, these are durable products and won't show any signs of wear and tear for quite a few years with care.


Moreover, we stay updated with the latest trends and ensure that we never go out of style. You can rarely get to see damage in plantation shutters, even if it has been exposed to direct sunlight. The new look will continue for years. Once you notice them appearing faded or old, you don't have to mount any replacement. Instead, just add the new blades as per requirement. How simple and cheap is this!

They will help you Increase your property value.

Many homeowners shy away from buying good plantation shutters when they have plans to move out soon. But then, why do you renovate the house? The answer is simple — to increase the value of the property while enjoying the new facilities before you move. The same concept applies when you are adding new plantation shutters to the home. 

The plantation shutters are an excellent permanent addition to the home and will always add to the property's value. You can get a higher price than you expected as the blinds will allow you to quote a higher price. That is something that will be enticing for any homeowner.

Our Plantation shutters are versatile:

If you consider its versatility, nothing can beat the range of plantation shutters. You can find them in a wide variety of:

  • Colours

  • Patterns

  • Sizes

We have seen a high demand for popular styles like the half window covers, full window covers, bifold panels, and solid panels. 


You can control the width of the opening if you want to. These shutters are especially good when you have sliding glass doors and closets. Use our plantation shutters for your home in Cronulla to get the right balance of aesthetics and functionality.

The windows are one of the essential parts of a home that it’s only when they are not there, you tend to notice their absence. Having the right windows and shutters make a real difference to the home and enhance its ambiance.


As you plan to renovate your interiors, it is important to upgrade the window treatments too, as the shutters can make or break the look. Star Blinds has been manufacturing the most alluring plantation shutters since its inception in 2000, which have become the preference of many homeowners in Cronulla these days. And why not?

Plantation shutters can be the ideal option to add to the beauty of your rooms while providing protection from the harsh sun.

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