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We ensure that blinds and shutters are installed with proper finishing.

The blinds should serve the purpose and also have a good aesthetic appeal. If the appearance is not good, then the structures won't be suitable for your home in Menai.


So as you look for the window treatments, don't ignore the finishing of shutters. We are cautious and particular about the finishing as it matters a lot as you are trying to enhance your space and cutting out the glare and light. Check out our collection to see the best blinds and shutters we have on offer for you in Menai.


  • Roller Blinds 


  • Roman Blinds


  • Vertical Blinds


  • Venetian Blinds


  • Ziptrak Blinds


  • Outdoor Electric Blinds


Are you curious about what we have for you? Order your unique window coverings from Star Blinds right away! Contact us now to get a free quote.

Preference for colours

If you like to maintain a vibrant look for the interior space, then coloured shutters will be the primary choice. Coloured blinds are certainly the most wonderful products from our company that will add more vibrancy to the room. 

But when you want to maintain a classic look with elegance, we would suggest settling for the nude colours or the wooden finishing so that these can complement any room décor or wall painting.

Our blinds and shutters cover all your needs.

The first thing to do before buying the shutters is to ask yourself, how much time are you going to spend at your Menai home?

For instance, when you are looking for the blinds for the living room, you don't have to look for 100% blackout shutters as you hardly spend much time at home during the daytime. 


But when it comes to choosing the window covering for the bedroom, you have to settle for the 100% blackout versions as the sun rises early and you don't want to compromise your sleep owing to the penetrating light. 


The professional staff at Star Blinds will help you find the right style of blinds and shutters needed for the windows of the different rooms for your home in Menai.

Install the best Blinds and Shutters in Menai - Star Blinds

Choose the right material.

We provide a variety of blinds and shutters which are made using different materials. Which one will be suitable for your house? Well, the answer varies depending on the nature of use. For instance, when you are looking for blinds for the bathroom, you have to settle for a material that will be resistant to moisture exposure. But the same condition is not applicable when choosing the blinds for the kitchen.

Blinds and Shutters of all sizes

If you are planning to install the new window treatments, then we are one of the top service providers in Menai who understands the importance of dimensions. 

  • It is essential to take the right measurements of the window opening to make sure that the blinds and shutters are of accurate size.

  • Once made, alterations to the size can be difficult. So it is better to reconfirm the measurements. 

Our professional manufacturers and installers know the significance of accuracy in measuring the window space.

Our company has been manufacturing and installing different types of blinds and shutters for many years in Menai and all around Sydney.  Star Blinds have always put their customers first when it comes to quality blinds and shutters, which is why we now get referrals from family and friends of our clients.


As these window blinds and shutters are extremely flexible and value for money, we would suggest every homeowner install them. However, before you order them, let us take you through some of the reasons why you should purchase the right window treatments from us:

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